Justin standing in front of a Just-in Time Septic pump truck

If you have a septic tank in your home, then one of the important things you should know is when to hire a pumping service. Septic tanks hold a set amount of waste and, when full, can therefore become a health hazard because they can leak and emit foul odors.

Knowing when to get your septic tanks pumped is very important. The rule of thumb is that septic tanks should be cleaned at least once every three to five years. However, the number of times a tank should be cleaned depends on how many people use it, its size, and how it is being used. Regardless of this, it is very important to pump out your septic tank.

Pumping out the tank will not only help it to serve you well, but it will also help to avoid the health hazards that it can pose when it leaks from the ground.

Examine and Note

To avoid costly repairs and health risks, you do not have to wait for drains to start backing up or the tank to leak before calling a pumping service. You can take note of the last time it was pumped and how long you used it before the need to pump it again.

This will help you create a pumping schedule and save you from having to deal with overflow problems. Septic tanks are often forgotten, but when you have a schedule, you can include the next pumping date in your diary with a reminder so that you will not forget to book a service appointment with your preferred company.

Final Word

To help determine when you need to pump your septic tank, you can also ask your local expert to inspect it. Septic inspections help in knowing the status of the septic tank and can also help in knowing when it should be draining. Contact the experts today.