Your septic system helps keep your property in habitable condition by removing wastewater from it. A properly functioning septic system is a necessity, rather than choice. Have an expert carry out regular septic inspections regularly. Periodic inspections can help you monitor the health of your septic system and can alert you to septic system problems that need immediate attention.

Septic Tank Inspection in Sebastopol, CA & Sonoma County

Just-In Time Septic Pumping is committed to helping homeowners maintain their septic systems in top shape year-round. Our technicians have spent years studying different types of septic systems. They have an eye for detail and are able to diagnose the problems that homeowners often miss. Their deep understanding of septic system problems and hands-on experience enable them to carry out flawless septic inspections.


During septic inspections, we conduct various tests to make sure that septic system parts are working properly. We inspect the inlet and outlet baffle, the partition wall, and the trench for damage. Our team checks if the riser lids are in their place and secured tightly.


Our comprehensive inspection program ensures that problems are diagnosed before they snowball into major issues. We use the latest tools and technologies for septic inspections. Advanced tools and technologies help us avoid diagnostic errors and determine the root causes of septic system problems. After performing a comprehensive septic system inspection, we recommend the steps that the homeowner can take to keep their septic system healthy.


Septic tanks contain various toxic gases including ammonia, methane, and carbon dioxide. Exposure to these gases can affect your vital organs. We follow all safety procedures and our team takes various precautions to prevent gases from escaping septic tanks during inspections.


Developed by industry experts, our comprehensive septic system inspection checklists help ensure that all inspection tasks are carried out in an orderly fashion. They prevent septic system inspection mistakes allowing us to diagnose septic problems accurately.


For individuals who are planning to buy a new home, we can perform a comprehensive septic system inspection. The aim of a pre-purchase septic system inspection is to diagnose current and potential problems that can affect the efficiency of the septic system. A pre-purchase septic system inspection can help you calculate the cost of changes you need to make to the septic system in order to improve its efficiency.


Here at Just-in Time Septic Pumping, we’ve been helping California families keep their septic systems safe, secure, and clean for years. We’re true professionals offering great service with a smile. To schedule a septic system inspection, call our office at (707) 824-2837.


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