Septic Pumping Santa Rosa

A malfunctioning septic system is a risk to human and animal health. A failing system can lead to sanitary complications like sewage backup at home. Regular septic system maintenance is the key to the uninterrupted operation. Septic tank repair companies in Sonoma County recommend septic system maintenance at least every three years. Residential septic systems are typically pumped every 3-5 years. Here are some benefits of regular septic system maintenance.

Early Detection of Problems

Septic system problems can go unnoticed for a long time. When they finally emerge, homeowners are caught off guard and do not know how to deal with the mess. To steer clear of septic system issues, have it regularly inspected by an expert.

During a maintenance session, a septic system expert looks for and troubleshoots current and potential issues such as blockages in the pipes, overfilled tanks, and cracks in the tank. A septic system expert focuses on nipping septic system issues in the bud to help you avoid expensive repairs.

Prevents Sewage Backups

Sewage backing up into your yard can be a recipe for disaster. Raw sewage is laden with harmful viruses, bacteria, and parasites that can cause serious illnesses such as leptospirosis and hepatitis-C.

During a maintenance session, your service provider will remove solid waste. Regular cleaning helps prevent backups and is a necessity, especially if your kids and pets regularly play in the yard and could get exposed to sewage if your tank starts overflowing.

Your Maintenance Expert Can Advise You on Habits You Need to Change

Oftentimes, homeowners flush feminine hygiene products, wet wipes, and other products that take days (in some cases, even weeks) to dissolve in water.

During a maintenance session, your septic maintenance expert will help you understand how your habits impact the health of your system. They will advise you on good septic system habits to prolong the service life of your system.

Prevents Slow Drains

When their drains start moving slowly, homeowners are quick to look for hairs and debris clogs. What they do not understand is that even a full septic tank can also cause the problem. To steer clear of the problem, have your septic system pumped at regular intervals.

Prevents Expensive Repairs

Many homeowners downplay the importance of regular septic system maintenance. They consider regular maintenance a waste of money. Nothing could be further from the truth. Regular maintenance prevents costly repairs that can cause serious system damage. When problems are detected early, you have enough time to plan for the cost of repairing or replacing the tank.

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