Your septic tank system plays a pivotal role in the safe disposal of wastewater from household plumbing. A functional septic system keeps your home habitable and safeguards local water quality against contaminants.

A failing septic system is a recipe for disaster and can pose serious health hazards to your family and community. It can release toxic waste in the local water supply. A failing system can leak excessive nutrients and bacteria to coastal waters which can cause excessive plant and algae growth. Invasive plant species and algae block sunlight and compete with other plants for nutrients.

Wastewater is home to billions of bacteria and viruses. If a person comes in contact with wastewater or sewage, they may end up being exposed to harmful microorganisms that can cause deadly diseases such as viral gastroenteritis, Hepatitis A, and Polio.

Before you create a maintenance plan for your septic system, you need to know common reasons why septic systems fail. Without further ado, let’s discuss tips from Just-in-Time Septic, septic tank pumping experts in Sonoma County.

Root Overgrowth 

The roots of trees planted near a septic system are often drawn to the septic line as it is a source of extra water and nutrients. Large and strong roots can penetrate the walls of the septic tank. When roots start growing into the pipes’ walls, the tank’s ability to drain water decreases, and the tank itself may begin to leak.

To avoid this issue, plant trees and shrubs at least 10 feet from your sewer pipes. Look for plants with small root balls. Inspect your sewer system regularly and remove the roots that have found their way into, or near, your pipes.

Excess Water use

Excess water use is one of the most common causes of septic system failure. Too much water from the laundry, bathroom, kitchen, or dishwasher may not allow enough time for sludge and scum to separate.

Try easy ways to cut your water use at home. Use low-flow fixtures, fix leaks, and install a low-flow showerhead. Spend less time in the shower to cut down on the amount of wastewater you are creating.

Tank Issues

A dirty, damaged, or cracked tank can cause your septic system to fail. Maintain your tank at regular intervals. Have your septic tank in Sonoma County pumped at least once every year to ensure maximum efficiency.

Flushing or Pouring Solid Materials Down the Drain

Flushing feminine products, bits of foods, baby wipes, or other solids down your drain is strongly advised against. They can clog up your pipes and drains which can eventually lead toa backup in your septic tank. If you have been flushing solid waste down your drain for some time, start having your septic tank pumped more frequently to prevent backups and prevent the issue from ever presenting itself.

Are you worried about the status of your septic system? Just-In-Time Septic Pumping Services can help. Our professionals are experienced in all manners of issues related to septic tanks. Whether it’s an installation, cleaning, or repair, we have the know-how to make sure the issue is done right! To discuss your project with us, call (707) 824-2837.