Septic Service Near Me

It is true that most people barely give a thought about the septic tank in their households. However, septic tanks are essential as they are a primary water treatment step and a critical part of your home’s infrastructure.

That is why, when it breaks down, you must give it proper attention as soon as possible. However, this begs the question does it need repairing or replacement?

Keep reading to find what course of action you should be taking and which septic service to choose when your septic tank breaks down.

Repair or Replace?

It is easy to recognize whether a septic tank requires a replacement or just repair. Pay attention to the details and look out for the signs, and you should be fine. Below, we have listed the signs for each scenario to recognize what the situation demands.

Your Septic Tank Needs Repairing 

You need to schedule regular inspection and repair for your septic tank. However, at times, you need a thorough check-up and repair. You should call in an expert for repair when you suspect the following issues with your septic tank.

If Sewage Backs Up

The drainage system exists to drain all the wastes away. However, if it backs up in the form of sewage, this calls for immediate repairing service.

If There Is Clogging or Slow Draining 

A septic tank heavily relies on clean and unclogged pipes to do its job. If you notice that the drainage is slow or clogging up, there might be clogged pipes causing the problem with the septic tank.

If There Is a Foul Odor 

Putrid odors in the septic tank are natural. However, sudden odors near the pipes indicate an issue with the septic tank that needs to be addressed.

Your Septic Tank Needs Replacement 

We will now look at the signs that tell you if the septic tank needs a replacement. Although septic tanks are made to last for years, the need for a replacement is not inevitable. Let us take a look:

Frequent Repair Is Required 

If your septic tank breaks down often and requires frequent repairing, the chances are that it has lived its life span and would now need a replacement.

The Sudden Formation of Puddles

If you notice the sudden formation of puddles near the septic tank or in your yard, your septic tank needs to be replaced.

The Contamination of Well Water

If the well water is found contaminated during an inspection, it is likely due to a leak in the nearest septic tank. Therefore, it requires replacement.

The House Was Rebuilt 

If you have upgraded your household to a bigger one, you need to upgrade the septic tank to support your home’s new requirements.

So, that is all you need to know about the signs of repairing or replacing your septic tank. We are one best septic companies near you and are proud to be the one-stop solution for all things related to septic tanks and pumping issues.  If you want to install, repair, or replace your septic tank, get in touch with us at (707) 824-2837.