Septic Tank Pumping in Santa Rosa

The septic tank is an integral part of your septic system. Its job is to filter household wastewater and store the waste from your home. Pump your septic tank regularly to reduce build-up and minimize the risk of it backing up into your home.

In Santa Rosa, regular septic tank pumping removes problematic items that can clog pipes and can help improve the overall efficiency of your system.

One of the most common questions homeowners ask their contractors is how regularly they should pump their septic tanks. Most contractors recommend pumping septic tanks every 3-5 years.

When determining the pumping frequency for your tank, consider important factors such as number of people in your household, the type and age of your septic tank, and usage.

Here are some signs your septic tank is full and needs to be pumped.


You know it’s time to pump your septic tank if you catch a whiff of unpleasant odors in or around your home. As your septic tank fills up, there is very little space for odors to escape. Gases in your septic tank can back up into your house.

If you smell sulfur around the outside of your house, there is a good chance that gases in your septic tank have found their way out through the drain field. Have a professional check your septic tank before things get worse.

Slow Drains

If your shower, tub, or sink are draining slower than normal or your toilet is not draining thoroughly or as quickly as it should, your septic system may have started backing up. Do not ignore the problem as you may end up with a costly repair.

Sewage Backup

Sewage backup is unarguably the most obvious and unpleasant sign that your septic tank needs pumping. Look for backups in the lowest drains first. If you experience a sewer backup, reach out to your contractor in Santa Rosa for help immediately.

Sewage backup can indicate an underlying issue. In some cases, pumping the tank is a temporary solution. Even if pumping your tank solves the problem, your contractor may want to conduct an inspection to get to the root cause of the issue.

An Unusually Lush, Green Patch of Grass in Your Lawn

Septic waste supplies essential nutrients that are needed by grass and shrubs to grow. If you notice an unusually lush, green patch of grass growing close to your drain field, there is a possibility your septic system is leaking and should be pumped.

Is your septic system giving you sleepless nights? Just-In Time Septic Pumping Services can help. We know everything there is to know about septic systems in Santa Rosa and are both bonded and insured. We will come up with a cost-effective and long-term solution to your problem. To schedule an inspection, call (707) 824-2837.