Proper, timely waste disposal is essential for homes. It is highly suggested to perform timely maintenance on your septic tanks. However, many homeowners fail to identify the proper treatment for septic tanks which eventually leads to foul smells and clogging pipes.

When you start noticing frequent issues with your septic system, the question of whether you should repair or replace your septic tank comes into play.

In order to learn more about septic tank problems, you must understand the some of the determining factors for repairing or replacing a septic tank.

Understanding Septic Tank Repair

A septic tank is a system that involves pipes and other components. It is situated underground and, as the years pass, it may become damaged. Septic tank repair involves assessing and fixing any broken components inside the septic tank system which includes:

Fixing Broken Pipes: Changing the pipes and replacing them with new ones. Adjustments are to be made for the pipes that are clogged.

Replacing Malfunctioning Parts: The septic tank is a whole system of components assembled to function together. So, identifying and replacing any parts that have become damaged is a key part of the repair.

Septic Tank Pumping: Routine septic tank cleaning will help you increase its lifespan and save you from any unexpected damage.

Things to Know About Septic Tank Replacement

Septic tanks have an expiration date too! Prolonged overuse and improper maintenance can lead to a complete breakdown. In these situations, replacing the tank is the only option left.

Septic Failure: If the tank does not function anymore and there is no way to replace the components, it has to be replaced.

Understanding the Lifespan: Usually, a septic tank can last for up to 35 years. Having an idea of your septic tank’s initial installation date can help you predict if it’s approaching its end of life.

Regular Maintenance: Conducting regular checks and maintenance will help you extend the life of your septic tank. However, if the tank is demanding repeated repairs, it is an indication for replacement.

Work With the Best

Understanding the present condition of your septic tank can help determine the best decision between repairing or replacing your tank. Repairing a faulty septic tank is a complicated process. Identifying the issues and causes for septic failure can be tough for the average homeowner. This is why it’s best to have a professional who specializes in septic tank repair in Sonoma County perform a maintenance check on it at regular intervals.

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