Septic Tank Pumping Santa Rosa

The part of your backyard where wastewater leaves your septic tank and drains before sinking into the soil is what is known as the drain field. This area is mostly a network of perforated pipelines that have been placed in trenches and is also known as a leach field.

There are a number of potential problems that stand ready to cause issues in your drain field, including leaking tanks or drains, excessive weight, tree roots, or even lack of proper maintenance.

These problems can be easily avoided by following a few simple steps. We have prepared a list of common problems that septic tank pumping companies in Santa Rosa typically check for.

Avoid Any on Your Drain Field

When you park your automobile over the drain field, you risk damaging the drainpipes that have been laid underground. Without being aware, you may damage this structure and cause one of the most common reasons for drain field failure.

To avoid this, the first step you need to take is to identify where the leach field is laid out and ensure that there is no vehicle parked on top of it. You will also want to keep this information in mind when working on any construction projects in your yard to keep drain lines functioning.

Prevent Intrusion by Tree Roots

Perforated sewer pipes may house tree roots as these areas stay moisture-laden and nutrient rich all year long. The easiest solution would be to remove any water-loving plants or shrubs growing in this area of your yard to avoid root intrusion.

Having plants near your field increases the risk of the perforations in the pipes getting blocked, costing you a lot of money in repairs. Consequently, if you see any vegetation around the field, it may be a sign of a failing drainage system.

Overloading in Water

Having excess water enter the septic tank may unknowingly destroy your drainage system. Your drain field is impacted by the increasing amount of wastewater flowing into the pipes. Ultimately, the underground channel gets submerged in water and will be unable to function properly.

However, you can avoid putting yourself in this situation by spacing out your wash days and limiting water usage. Moreover, do not wait for a serious situation to take place! Contact a septic pumping specialist when you see your drain field getting muddier than usual.

Inadequate Maintenance

Non-biodegradable items, like plastic, can cause many issues if they are flushed down drains. You should also take extra care to minimize any amount of grease or oil from entering the drainage system. Sewage odors are one of the key indicators of a clogged pipe. If you notice any such smell around drains, tanks, or your leach field, we suggest that you to seek immediate help.

Drain field issues can become a huge problem if not remedied in a timely manner. At Just-in Time Septic Pumping, we provide an all-round solution to your drainage problems in Santa Rosa. Contact our office at (707) 824-2837 and let us take care of it.