Your septic tank is an integral part of your septic system. It works to separate solids and liquids in the wastewater from your home.


An ignored septic tank is a recipe for disaster, as over times, it can develop problems. Unaddressed septic tank problems can have long-term consequences. A poorly functioning septic tank can cause waste water to back up in your home or contaminate nearby water sources.


Every Sebastopol homeowner should make regular septic tank maintenance a priority. Periodic maintenance prevents problems and ensures that your septic tank functions properly.


Here are some essential septic tank maintenance tasks.


Pump the Tank Regularly


Pumping your septic tank regularly is a great way to prevent backups and can increase its useful life. Have a septic company near you pump your septic tank every 2-5 years.


When determining septic tank pumping intervals, some important factors to consider are the size of the tank, number of residents, amount of wastewater generated and volume of solids in it.


Visually Inspect Your Tank and the Surrounding Area for Leaks 


Periodically walk around your septic tank, the drain field and the area surrounding your tank. Watch out for common signs of septic tank leaks such as strong odors and unusually lush green patches of grass near your septic tank.


Given the fact that the septic tank is located underground, it is difficult to diagnose a leak in most cases. The best time to check for septic tank leaks is when it is being pumped.

Before hiring a contractor for septic tank maintenance, make sure they offer leak detection services. Also, ask them if they would check the baffles to make sure they’re not damaged, missing or deteriorated.


Use a Bacteria Additive


Beneficial bacteria break down the waste that remains back in your tank after the liquid waste is released to the leach field. Strong cleaning solutions, drain cleaners and anti-bacterial soaps can affect beneficial bacteria populations.


To protect the beneficial bacteria in your septic system, consider adding new bacteria that break down unnatural substances such as detergents and soaps to your septic tank.


Install an Effluent Filter


Install an effluent filter on the outlet of your septic tank. When you add an effluent filter to your tank, it creates a barrier to keep solids out of the leach field dispersal system, helping prevent clogs that can lead to backups or septic tank flooding.


If you have an older tank and are unable to find a filter that is compatible with it, consider one that can be retrofitted to your tank.  An effluent filter must be cleaned every 3-5 years.


Have a septic cleaning company near you clean your filter and pump your tank at the same time to reduce visits and maintenance costs.


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