Our owner, Justin, cleaning out a septic system tank

Swimming pools, vacations, and barbecues: what do they all have in common? They’re all summer-time staples. While these are enjoyable parts of summer, they tend to put extra strain on your septic system. Even if you don’t use your backyard for swimming or grilling, the hot summer weather will affect your system. Therefore, it’s important to prepare your septic system for summer so that it continues to function properly.


To help you out, here are the top five septic system maintenance tips to help extend the life of your system from Just-in Time, a septic pumping company serving Santa Rosa.

Have Your Septic Tank Pumped


When a septic system isn’t pumped regularly, it can become clogged with solid waste, which can cause the entire system to back up, overflow, and fail. If you don’t know when your system was last pumped, have it checked by your local septic pumping service company.


Ideally, your tank should be pumped every two years or so unless significant quantities of water are being used in the home or repairs have been made recently. If this is not possible due to budget constraints, at least try to get it pumped once every three years.

Check All Pipe Connections and Junctions


If you use a septic tank, several different pipes connect to it as well as to a drain field. These must be checked regularly for cracks or breaks which could lead to leaks or other problems with your system. It’s also a good practice to check all of these connections before any repairs are made so that water does not leak into the surrounding areas.

Check Your Soil Drain Field


Your soil drain field is the place where the wastewater drains into the ground away from your home, and it needs to be inspected regularly. If you have a lot of trees or shrubs in this area, make sure they’re not blocking access to the drain field. If they are, cut them back so that lawnmowers and other equipment can get through easily.


Also, check for any signs of damage such as cracks or holes where roots could be growing into the pipes. If you see any problems, call a professional right away to inspect and repair the damage before it gets worse.

Examine The Condition of Your Tank and Lid


Your septic tank is made of concrete and is buried below ground level. Over time, this concrete could crack or crumble — exposing raw sewage from inside the tank directly into your yard or garden area! You should check on the condition of your tank every year, especially if you’ve noticed any cracks or holes forming in it.


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