Five Septic Tank Maintenance Tips

April 11, 2022
Five Septic Tank Maintenance Tips

Your septic tank is responsible for holding the wastewater from your household long enough to allow solids to settle at the bottom. Like every other part of your septic system, your septic tank requires ongoing care and maintenance.   Periodic maintenance increases the lifespan of your septic system, addresses present problems, and prevents potential issues …

How Frequently Should You Pump and Clean Your Septic Tank?

November 12, 2021
Septic Service Near Sebastopol

Your septic tank’s job is to hold the wastewater from your septic system while allowing solids to settle down to the bottom of the tank. Septic tanks should be periodically pumped to ensure that they’re functioning optimally. Sewage is a breeding ground for disease causing germs. Periodic septic tank pumping prevents the buildup of parasites, …