How to Care for Your Septic System

December 13, 2022
Gloves and a hose next to a septic system

Caring for your septic system is one of the best ways to protect your family and the environment from the harmful effects of wastewater. Septic systems are designed to treat and discharge wastewater into the soil. A septic system can be expensive to install, but it’s one of the least expensive methods of sewage treatment …

How You Can Avoid Drain Field Problems

October 15, 2021
Septic Tank Pumping Santa Rosa

The part of your backyard where wastewater leaves your septic tank and drains before sinking into the soil is what is known as the drain field. This area is mostly a network of perforated pipelines that have been placed in trenches and is also known as a leach field. There are a number of potential …

Telltale Signs It’s Time to Have Your Septic Tank Pumped

June 14, 2021
Septic Tank Pumping in Santa Rosa

The septic tank is an integral part of your septic system. Its job is to filter household wastewater and store the waste from your home. Pump your septic tank regularly to reduce build-up and minimize the risk of it backing up into your home. In Santa Rosa, regular septic tank pumping removes problematic items that …

Signs Your Septic Tank Is Full

January 18, 2021
Septic Tank Pumping Santa Rosa

Your septic tank is one of the most critical parts of your septic system. It is designed to treat wastewater produced by different areas of your home, including the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry. A typical household septic tank should be emptied every 3-5 years. If you do not empty your septic tank once it gets …